Kanu Nwankwo, PCMN present Mozzi Mosquito Repellent


Kanu and top PCMN Executives holding one of the products.


A nation like Nigeria that is bedevilled by the dangerous Mosquito is in serious need of a repellent with high quality. Research says Malaria kills more people in Africa than HIV AIDS.


The good news is, a new insect repellent which is promising to be a game changer in the long running battle between humans and mosquitoes has finally been launched in Nigeria.Just like other West African countries where Malaria is a big killer, recently,   Kanu Heart Foundation, KHF founded by lanky ex-Nigeria and international footballer, Kanu Nwankwo has partnered with Mozzi product to fight against malaria.


At the product presentation, Kanu revealed why he is putting his weight behind the Mozzi product. Read his words: “Mozzi is a mosquito repellent brand and even though Kanu Nwankwo Heart Foundation is for the less-privileged with heart problems but the biggest problem now in Nigeria and Africa is malaria.So, why not, we can be a part of something that will protect people. I have to put my weight on it so that people can know more about it, buy it and make sure that mosquito does not attack them. I think it is a good gesture.”

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He further added that, the product is produced here in Nigeria and by Nigerians which are exported outside the country.“It is a made in Nigeria product which is exported to other countries. The foundation like I said is open to everybody so we extended our hands to them and they accepted.”Commenting on whether he believes it is a workable partnership, Kanu disclosed, “Yes, I believe so. We will make sure that we create the awareness and make sure people know the products.Personally, I am tired of mosquito bites and I believe there are a lot of people who are suffering from malaria. Some of them cannot even afford to buy the recommended drugs, so the Mozzi product which comes in form of insecticide and paints are ideal to keep mosquitoes away and also prevent people from always visiting the hospital.

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The interesting thing is that whatever of Mozzi product is sold, KHF will have some percentage. Also, as long as the foundation is still alive, we pray that the partnership will last forever. For us at KHF, wherever anything good is coming for the foundation, we want to partner.”Mozzi products is a range of mosquito repellents manufactured by Paints and Coatings Manufacturers Nigeria, Plc which comes in form of house paint and insecticide which could also be used on clothes as well as shoes to drive away mosquito in other to  fight malaria.This was made known when Kanu paid a courtesy visit to the company recently. Mozzi range of mosquito repellents are the latest product of the company.

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