Broadway grosses up 11.4 percent this season, over last

NEW YORK (Reuters) – New musicals, original plays, revivals and star performers boosted Broadway’s grosses this season more than 11 percent and pushed attendance up 5.6 percent, according to figures released on Tuesday. Forty-four productions opened during the 2013-2014 season, which began on May 27 last year and ended May 25, including 16 musicals, 25 […]

Seoul bus station blaze

video transcript At least six people died when fire swept through this bus terminal on the outskirts of Seoul. About 40 more were injured in the blaze on Monday. The complex also has shops and a cinema. The fire started in a food court area where renovations were being carried out. Fire fighters say a […]

Latin American art sales in NY feature Botero, Matta paintings

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A family portrait by Colombian artist Fernando Botero and a depiction of psychological turmoil by Chilean painter Roberto Matta are expected to be the highlights of Latin American art sales in New York next week. Botero’s 1969 “Man Going to Work” is the top lot in Christie’s line-up for its Wednesday […]

My ugly experience on Facebook (Real story)

It was a dismal and hard experience yet I learned my lesson. My name is Bukola and I live in Lagos Everything began on the day Oluwole headed out to Abuja to honour the invitation of a couple who was celebrating their child’s birth. The couple was exceptionally cheerful in light of the fact that […]

Crime of passion (1) A MUST READ

As I write this, I’m behind bars in a sordid prison somewhere in the country. I had to beg one of the wardens for some paper and biro to enable me write my tale. What is my purpose? To let the world know why I did what I did to Jake. Those who knew us […]


By Dara Adenekan. The ASUU FESTIVAL. The gods do not take fated cows. They feed on human dreams. A biennial festival of shame At the temple of knowledge. Its altar drenched in dreams and despair. Its priests watch with fake benignity As wearied dancers twist to intricate beats Of ancient sting. See them on the media Altering incantations of doom. The stiff stilted spectators Standby with […]

Nigeria’s Minna, Abeokuta Future by Okey Ndibe

Nigeria’s Minna, Abeokuta Future by Okey Ndibe

The starkest evidence yet of Nigeria’s despairing circumstances could be glimpsed in the fact that Minna and Abeokuta have become major destinations for a certain kind of political pilgrim. In the last two weeks, a number of governors from the northern part of Nigeria have visited two former Nigerian rulers, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (ret.) […]