Story: How i knew smaller gadgets will be better in the future

By Ehi Ekhator. Call it a vision, i don’t care. It happened many years ago when i was in my primary school. i was a very unsuccessful but popular kid due to the fact that my mother had a provisions shop opposite my school. Through my mother, everyone knew me including the teachers who treated […]

My ugly experience on Facebook (Real story)

It was a dismal and hard experience yet I learned my lesson. My name is Bukola and I live in Lagos Everything began on the day Oluwole headed out to Abuja to honour the invitation of a couple who was celebrating their child’s birth. The couple was exceptionally cheerful in light of the fact that […]

Crime of passion (1) A MUST READ

As I write this, I’m behind bars in a sordid prison somewhere in the country. I had to beg one of the wardens for some paper and biro to enable me write my tale. What is my purpose? To let the world know why I did what I did to Jake. Those who knew us […]

Nigeria’s Minna, Abeokuta Future by Okey Ndibe

Nigeria’s Minna, Abeokuta Future by Okey Ndibe

The starkest evidence yet of Nigeria’s despairing circumstances could be glimpsed in the fact that Minna and Abeokuta have become major destinations for a certain kind of political pilgrim. In the last two weeks, a number of governors from the northern part of Nigeria have visited two former Nigerian rulers, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (ret.) […]

The Missing Girl by SUNDAY IGWEBUIKE

The Missing Girl by SUNDAY IGWEBUIKE

About my Title “The Missing Girl” Just as literatures mirror the society, “The Missing Girl”, a timely piece, mirrors the Nigerian society of today. Currently, the nation is grappling with the challenges of increase in insecurity. There is tension in the north as a result of terrorist attacks, kidnapping which began as tool to advocate […]

Pastor Paul’s Manipulative Witchcraft

Pastor Paul’s Manipulative Witchcraft

Hold on to your wallets and purses boys and girls.  Pastor Paul and his minions are after your money. Have you noticed that the primary business of pastors is the collection of money?  Every manipulative trick in the book is used to do this.  The father of this disgraceful practice is Paul.  Without a doubt, […]

He told me to get married, that he will not advise me to wait

He told me to get married, that he will not  advise me to wait

Aunty Adeola, what will I do? I am a young lady of 28. A friend of 7years suddenly quits the relationship just like that after much commitment from both sides and at the point where things were getting into place. He told me to get married that he’s going abroad for his masters after his […]

Where is God?

WHEN you lose your faith your allowance to go through rituals becomes an unnecessary ticket to join in communal time wasting. What’s heaven going to be like? Don’t say it can’t be imagined because that’s just being silly. We can imagine anything, why we have a mind. So let us try and visualize individuals first. […]

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