‘Dangers of Pre-Marital Sex’

Pre-marital sex is referred to as sexual relation between two or more people prior to marriage. The meaning has shifted to all sexual relations a person had before a legal marriage. Alternative terms for pre-marital sex include: – Non-Marital sex. – Young/Adolescent sex. – Young-Adult sex. Pre-marital sex can take the form of; – lesbianism, […]

Will you share your unclad pictures with your partner?

By Vanessa Enofe, Naija Center News It’s becoming an everyday issue for guys exposing the pictures of their lovers after relationship goes sour. There has been many situations where mostly men uploading pictures of their ex lovers out of anger on the internet for the public to see. Usually, pictures are exchanged when the relationship […]

Finally, a cure for HIV discovered

By Ekhator Ehi, Vanessa Enofe, Naija Center News Just as the saying goes that anything that has a beginning must have an end, the end of the dreaded disease, HIV may have come to an end as Temple University Researchers  in Philadelphia, United State, discovered an easy way to  eliminate HIV virus in human cells. The […]

Want less wrinkles, better immune systems? Try sex

Want less wrinkles, better immune systems? Try sex

Read more amazing benefits of regular sex One thing that may continue to be relevant even if other things fail in marriage is sex. It is so important that it sometimes determines the wellness and longevity of some marriages. As much as it is believed that most men have sex as a form of enjoyment, […]

Chris Martin, Get Away From Gwyneth Paltrow!

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t even look happy in happier times. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow had the most infamous and pretentious public separation ever: Her “conscious uncoupling,” which she announced via her obnoxiously WASP-y GOOP blog, became an international sensation just based on how ridiculous the whole thing was. And now they’re trying […]

Angry Bones: What My Father Hid Behind His Rage

He loved what was most beautiful in life. When we were kids, my sister and I always got in trouble on Father’s Day. The problem wasn’t our gift (which was always the same: White Owl cigars), but rather, no matter what cards we bought, they were wrong. Either they didn’t cost enough and so showed that […]

Welcome, Pippa: The Middletons Are Coming To America!

Pippa Middleton is doing America! Pippa Middleton is bringing her brand to the United States! The sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge — the pretentious royal name given to the adorable Kate Middleton — and sister-in-law to Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) will be here on a charity trip. Pippa and brother James will make […]

14 Steps To Making A Striptease Sexy (Not Awkward)

Step one? Practice! If you feel like getting a little more adventurous with your foreplay then perhaps you want to try strip teasing. Now for the amateur this is type of foreplay may seem scary since it can potentially be physically dangerous and easily awkward if your partner can tell that you don’t know what […]