Dating Rules To Screw: Why You Should Have The Ex Talk Right Way

Conventional wisdom tells us never to talk about your ex on a first date but maybe conventional wisdom is wrong. Is there a way that you can talk about your ex while being cautious of how this reflects you? Dating and relationship coach Laurel House debunks the popular belief that says you shouldn’t talk about your […]

Watch For This Red Flag: Your Boyfriend’s BFF Is A Woman

They look awfully cozy… When I was younger, I had several close male friends. As the years passed, that shifted as I realized either they were hoping to sleep with me by playing the friendship card, or as soon as they were in a committed relationship, it felt like “Neelou who?” In my mid twenties, […]

Making female orgasm a reality

It’s been suggested that one in every four women will have problems reaching orgasm at some stage in their life, and 25-35 per cent may never have experienced orgasm before. It is not uncommon for women to have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse. In fact, an estimated 70 per cent of women don’t ever have […]

10 men women should avoid dating at all cost

Here is a list of types of men that women should avoid at any cost. Read on… Are you looking out for a new relationship or want to just date men? You might come across somebody and hit it off nicely for a year or so, and then you begin to notice things that could […]

5 types of guys girls fall in love with

This one will probably steal your heart in your early 20’s, in those years when you’re trying to figure out who you are and who you want to be, and discovering your wings seems to come with a side of rebellion. You’ll think you can change him, but you can’t. 1. The First Love. Also […]

Between Wedding and Marriage

As far as many people are concerned, wedding and marriage is a matter of the use of words; they are synonymous. On the other hand, there are those who are of the view that wedding and marriage are two different events in one’s life. Ideologically, wedding is a one-day ceremony of the beginning a nuptial […]

Relationship: 5 don’ts after breaking up

There are so many reasons why a relationship comes to an end. Cheating on each other or harsh quarrelling are just the extreme cases, actually nothing special should happen to lose each other. It could be just because the two of you change in different ways as time passes. It could be because you argue […]

Want A Healthy Relationship? Learn What Forgiveness Really Means

Is your resentment hurting your relationships?

With all of the problems in this world — along with the mistakes each of us make throughout our life — the need to forgive arises almost daily. However, forgiveness is often misunderstood an often not properly applied. So it’s a good idea to understand what forgiveness is and what it isn’t. It can bring you and […]

Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Though, you may not hear or read much about it, there are plenty of couples out there that still have a happy and healthy marriage, even after children are in the picture. It is possible to keep romance and love alive, even if you have youngsters and teenagers to look after, but of course, it’ll […]