The Arrest of Marxist Kola Edokpayi and The Present Edo State

By Felix Osemwengie Isere, Esq, Cnarb.

Today, I am not going to embark on a lengthy writing, not necessarily because i have a low battery but because i am full of grave melancholy and sobriety . I am not sad because i am bereaved or one babe has broken my heart ( Which is not possible for now ) but because my beloved State is gradually sliding into a state of impunity cum tyranny where there is gross abuse of the Fundamental Human Rights of the people and where democratic tenets are under serious threat.

Yesterday it was Curtis Ugbo who was arrested and charged for Treasonable Felony because he protested and today, it is Kola EDOKPAYI. Can you still remember the Abacha regime? This was how poor people where arrested and charged for Treasonable Felony all in the guise to incarcerate and silent them. Can you still remember the story of Obafemi Awolowo?

Under the Rule of Law , the means justifies the end, but under the current Edo State, the end justify the means. See the comment of Nnaemeka. Agu, JSC in the case of Akapo V. Hakeem -Habeeb where he stated that ” Law and Impunity are two bedfellows “

Barak Obama during his inaugural speech said it expressly that his major duty is to protect/ defend the rights of the Citizens and their interest.”… because that is the first and greatest duty of any true and successful political leader.

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The current Edo State is under siege by the police and they are not talking . Edo State Police command has turned to a capitalist organisation and they are not talking. Innocent citizens are being molested, humiliated and victimized and they are not talking. There is Police check points everywhere basically to extort money from Edo people and they are not talking. When you remain silent over some things which you have a duty to control and protect, it is either you are a part of it or you love it. I have no apology.

In this current Edo State, the Dean of the faculty of Law, AAU was beaten and battered by the thug looking Edo State police and nothing happened . In this current Edo State, every youth is a criminal and every young person who drives a fine car is a fraud star, simply put, a yahoo boy. In this present Edo State, every protester wants to overthrow the Government and are guilty of Treasonable Felony. In this current Edo State there is a deliberate attempt to make all activists incommunicado and God forbid if we allow that.

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In this present Edo State ,everybody must become a sycophant to enjoy absolute freedom and those who dare speak against impunity become traitors and foreign invaders and their punishment is in the hands of the Gestapolike Edo State Police command.

No doubt the present Edo State Government has a good Social/ Political and Economic agenda for the people which is very visible but the truth Is that any Government that cannot guarantee/ protect the Rights of his people and protect them which is a covenant that is supposed to be obeyed is a failed Government.

In the current Edo State, the Rights of the people, especially those from the Benin Nation are under serious threat and nobody cares to listen to the cry and appeals from the people.

They may think they are doing Curtis Ugbo, KOLA Edokpayi and host of other people but at the end they will end up making them hero. This was the same mistake the Federal Government made in the case of Kanu and today they have given him a world recognition and made him an hero he never deserved.

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I know I have disobeyed and offended many people who have hitherto told me not to talk on this matter , but the truth is that, it is better to disobey mortal men and obey God because ” Opposition to tyranny is an obedience to God”…

Do not have any fear, if tomorrow i am also arrested and charged for alleged Sedition and Attempt to Incite the people against the Government. Just smile because this is the current Edo State.

The prison was not built for animals but for humans like us and why should anyone be afraid to go there? My mentor, the late Gani Fawehinmi will always say that ” A lawyer who is afraid of the prison is not fit to be called a Lawyer and his name should be struck out from the roll . “

We all must rise against this rising impunity in Edo State because according to Karl Marx ” An error left uncorrected can lead to intellectual immorality”

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