I Pity the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris

I Pity the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris
By Simeon Nwakaudu
It is obvious that Mr Ibrahim Idris, the embattled  Inspector General of Police is in the eye of the storm. This is a Police Chief who has lost the moral justification  to  remain  in office, hence he is struggling everyday to convince his paymasters that he is a pliant officer.
Ibrahim Idris,
Ibrahim Idris,

Luckily  for the nation, the events that transpired at the Rivers East Senatorial District Collation Center were captured by Channels Television.

It is most embarrassing  that the  Inspector General of Police would reduce himself  into a weapon  of  destruction  of  the electoral  process. It is even worse that the Nigerian Police has metamorphosed into a lying machine under his leadership .
To begin with , the entire statement by the Police High Command read by Mr Don Awunah  was a contraption  of lies, hastily put together  by a Police Hierarchy  that  has become  a department  of  the  APC. A liability  to law and order.
The first error in that  statement was the premise upon which these hard working  officers were dismissed.  Don Awunah, shivering  while reading  the crooked statement, claimed that  the  dismissed  officers accompanied  Governor Wike  to a polling unit  on December 10, 2016.
That is a lie from the pit of hell. The event that the dismissed officers  were allegedly  involved  in took place on December 12, 2016. This was two days after voting  had been concluded.
Contrary  to the lie peddled  by the Police High Command, Governor Wike was never at any polling  unit  with the said police details. He respected the electoral process.
On  12th December, 2016, the Police High Command  and the APC  leadership  sent Rivers State SARS Commander, Mr Akin Fakorede  to invade  the Rivers East Senatorial District Collation Center at the Port Harcourt Local Government Secretariat.
Democracy  was lucky.  Channels Television cameramen  were there on ground with other journalists at the Collation Centre  when Akin Fakorede  and other SARS Personnel invaded that premises.
Akin Fakorede and his evil policemen beat up the electoral  officials at the collation centre.  This was captured  by the Channels Television cameras. Whilst this commotion was on, Akin Fakorede  also abducted  the PDP Agent for Rivers East Senatorial District .
News of this illegal  invasion of the Rivers East Senatorial District Collation Center by Akin Fakorede and other SARS Personnel  spread around Port Harcourt.  Governor Wike and other Rivers people moved to the Collation Center to defend  democracy.
Indeed, at this  time, voting  had been completed at the polling units, collation concluded at ward and local government levels. At the  Rivers East Senatorial District Collation Center, the result for Emohua Local Government Area was about to  be  entered when Fakorede and other SARS Personnel attempted to disrupt the process.
After this disgraceful  outing, the Spokesman for the Police, DCP Don Awunah  denied that the men captured in the video were not policemen.  He blabbed incoherently  on Channels Television.
  Few days  later, Don Awunah and the Police High Command changed their  story.  Awunah  offered cock and bull explanations  for the disgraceful  acts of Fakorede and the SARS personnel at the Rivers East Senatorial District Collation Center. At this time, the SARS personnel had been fully identified  in the video.
That Don Awunah does not know  the  difference  between  Polling Unit and Collation Center is a sad commentary  for the Police High Command headed by Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.
When  Don Awunah  read that ill-conceived  statement  dismissing the six gallant officers, he exposed the integrity deficiency  of the  Police High Command as errand boys for the APC leadership.
Why would  the Police High Command destroy the very fabric of policing by becoming glaringly  partisan? Why would the Police High Command weep in the marketplace because  Fakorede and his SARS gang  were prevented  from helping APC  to rig?
Where is the SARS Commander and the Personnel who illegally invaded the Rivers East Senatorial District Collation Center on the order of the Inspector-General of Police?Unconfirmed  reports have it that  Akin Fakorede and his evil policemen have been  promoted by the Inspector General of Police. So these real criminals  were promoted, while the innocent  officers are being  persecuted.
All across Rivers State, the people stood in defence of democracy.  Ibrahim Idris and his invading  28,000 policemen, horses and gunboats failed to do the bidding of their bosses.
What Ibrahim Idris has done on behalf of APC  is to expose the integrity deficiency of  the Police High Command.  These men have little regard for rule of law.  To imagine  that  the police high command  would turn their backs on hard working  policemen just to convince their paymasters that they  were desperate to deliver,  tells the ear-splitting  story of low morale in the Nigerian Police.
For me, AP/No.177893  Inspr. Eyong Victor, F/No. 400872   Sgt Peter Ekpo, F/No.374585    Sgt Oguni Goodluck,F/No. 385870   Sgt. Orji Nwoke, F/No. 234216    Sgt. Okpe Ezekiel and  F/No. 437983   Sgt. Tanko Akon are better policemen  than the Inspector General of Police would  ever be. An Inspector General of Police who only aids  his appointing  authority to manipulate the electoral process  and sacrifices  his personnel  to remain  in office  deserves our pity.
I pity Ibrahim Idris  because  he lost out on the 6th January, 2016. Men like him are responsible  for  the  lack of respect  that Nigerians  have  for the Police.  If Idris can treat his own personnel  with so much injustice, falsehood   and disrespect, you can only imagine  the fate of other Nigerians. Look at the way he handcuffed  them to the press conference.
I pity Ibrahim Idris because  he personally  ended his tenure  as a police chief in the minds of the majority  by his descent into the  partisan  arena.
I thought that the embattled  Inpector General of Police set up a panel. Why the haste to circumvent  his own panel by rushing  to dismiss officers who did no wrong?
All Nigerians of goodwill  must stand with AP/No.177893 Inspr. Eyong Victor, F/No. 400872 Sgt Peter Ekpo, F/No.374585 Sgt Oguni Goodluck,F/No. 385870 Sgt. Orji Nwoke, F/No. 234216 Sgt. Okpe Ezekiel and F/No. 437983 Sgt. Tanko Akon. These are the few policemen  who have refused to be used by a corrupt  police high command. We must not allow the the APC  infested Police High Command  have their way. We are in a democracy.
We know that until the media and the civil society wake up, the duty to  defend democracy rests  with the people. This much Rivers people  have discovered.  That is why they  collectively defeated Ibrahim Idris and his invading policemen backed  by the military.  No Nigerian should sit idly and watch  political robbers rape our hard earned democracy to death. We are under obligation  to resist.
Join me to pity Ibrahim Idris.  He has failed, woefully.

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