Funny Open Letter to Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleiman

Funny Open Letter to Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleiman

Alright, enough of Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleman.

Both of them engaged in an adult stuff and so what? They are consenting adults and whatever happened is not new.

Apostle Johnson
Apostle Johnson

Apostle Suleman is human, he may be a pastor but he has the same blood flowing in those men cheating on their wives..

Stephanie, you are probably telling the truth, but is there any hospital where they said he aborted your pregnancy? At least in Canada, they could tell you if you consumed something that led to the abortion of the child.

If no such thing, let us move on.. Apostle Suleman cheated, his wife forgave him, Stephanie, he be wan marry you, you knew he was still married…. Your papa say there was no introduction… yet, i believe you are probably telling the truth but he is not the first man you have had sex with and how many of them have you sued? Was Apostle Suleman the first man that have had sex with you? If no then what is all these drama and media brouhaha?

Suleman, if you finally put this matter to rest, i urge you to stick your penis only in your wife in the ozza room and stop jumping from antelop to donkey… It doesn’t tell good of you, rather, you are spending the poor people offering on some five minutes pleasure when you have one of the most beautiful and brilliant woman at home.

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I understand you have been affected by the cheating virus as a man, but i think you can do better….

My naughty advise, i hope your wife is not going to read this paragraph, is that next time, eat the frog with plenty eggs and not a tolotolo… I won’t ask someone like Stephanie out but you fall my hand to do so..

There are many women in Nigeria who need your financial assistance, not that you even worked for it. I urge you to concentrate your energy on things that matters and not Vagina of every woman who praise your preaching, dress sexy or follow you into the ozza room..

I am disappointed in you, but again, you are a man and your penis is not a Christian. So, educate your brain to control your manhood this time.. I wish you goodluck in this battle against the marine spirit as you put it the last time.

I even hear say you dey form say na because you talk about the killing of Christians na em make them send Stephanie to you.. Chai, Suleman you dey lie… You don meet this babe before you even talk about that Fulani Herdsmen, chai, you be Lai Mohammed brother?

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You know say you and Stephanie don enter the oza room and trying to pretend and form victim no make sense at all.. Only the truth shall set you free. If you can’t confess to the nation, confess it to God and ask your wife for forgiveness.

Back to my sister Stephanie Otobo, move on.. Your attempt to destroy him because the money stopped coming is very annoying and devilish. You had a miscarriage or whatever that happened, it is only a fool who destroyed relationship and then friendship. I am sure the pastor would have been able to assist you secretly in the future if you didn’t watch your dirty laundry in the public.

Well, on the bright side, you are now famous than ever. You used the man of God to climb the ladder of fame, but remember, it matters how you get there. You have sour your name, and that of your family, describing in the public how you had sex with him is so unbelievable and obnoxious. You are acting as the devil in human skin. All the great men of God were fallen by women, and you have been able to write your name in history.

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Nigerians wey dey form dissing and insult on instagram and facebook, wetin be una own? Nigerian girls wey get more than one boyfriend and Nigerian men wey dey marry one for house and get plenty girls for bush still dey talk trash…

All of us na one o, he is a pastor with human blood, he makes mistakes, he learns from them. I am sure he won’t allow his recklessness get to this extent again, so make una leave them alone.. jobless people..

Well let me quote Mr. Patrick Obahiagbon “‪Life is but a momentary glimpse of the wonder of this astonishing universe, and it is sad to see so many dreaming it away on a pseudo spiritual conmen…”  so make una go work and leave Stephanie and Apostle Suleman alone…

Oya, i just remember say this matter no concern me. wew..
From the referee Ehi Ekhator

2 Responses to "Funny Open Letter to Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleiman"

  1. ben   March 12, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    God will judge you all for trying to spoil his servant name

  2. Frederick O. Idemudia
    Frederick O. Idemudia   March 12, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    Pastors are human too.


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