Is federalism a curse?

Is Nigerian federalism a blessing or a curse? This is a big question for all Nigerians who really know the political history of this nation. It is high time citizens woke up from their political slumber and started demanding how taxpayer money is being used at federal, state and local governments.

The three tiers of government are sharing money monthly, still no development is taking place in the country. The government must use the nation’s resources for the benefit of the citizens.

It is sad that the political class who doesn’t differentiate when sharing nation’s resources, will now engage in a media war pretending to be fighting one another. The president should give us a master plan toward economic recovery.

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The country is tired of political dead wood. We need leaders who tell how, and when poverty, lack of jobs, poor roads, insecurity in the country will end. They should stop sharing the nation’s resources for selfish purposes. We need a change and Nigerians need a change.

Ojewoye Gbenga,

Egan, Lagos State,


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