Refuse to be Manipulated: Your franchise is your right

One significant thing about this wonderful & fabulous world is the fact that “today as we all know was yesterday’s tomorrow. Definitely the long awaiting day is fast approaching to tell who and who will mantle the leadership of Anambra state. 16th of Nov. 2013 is far but too close, nonetheless, what matters to a great number of people is not the date rather the interesting incidence of selecting the leaders through Election, how do you pattern to demonstrate your only right that distinguishes you out rightly from a citizen and a non-citizen (franchise).

Can you afford to be bribed for just a day or more and accept to be manipulated for the rest of your 8 years in Anambra state? This is a question I often put across my fellow Nigerians. In my previous work I boldly mentioned that Nigeria is our inheritance, our belonging, our legacy and destiny from God thus, our Nation/country is our own treasure, because where a person treasure lies is where his heart is always. Let us learn to stand upon the truth even it means standing alone.

We always avoy to ourselves that come what may a lion will never eat a grass, truly, I acknowledge that clamorous and resounding conviction, but I tell you Anambrarians, only a fool vomit and goes back to it. The time is now, prove to yourself that you are unquantifiable bigger that a foul.

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We all witnessed the last two Election conducted in Delta and Enugu state (senatorial and local Government council respectively) and amply deduced how the Election was marred by Electoral malpractices and widespread violence mostly in Delta senatorial election, we can resolve to make a huge discrepancy particularly in this Anambra state Gubernatorial election and the impending National election in general .

Certainly, this is the inimitable time we open our eyes, this is not our first encounter with the politicians and there litigious promise, from the first republic to the present sixth republic only 1.3 percent out of the promises has been taken care of (re-election) the rest are -10, call it a clich, cabal, elites etc. we as full functionary citizens deserves better governance from our political leadership, listen keenly to their previous promises, consider how they are been approached, check fastidiously those who are making promises of the fail kind be rest assured you bath your eyes pretty well that you may make a better choice this time around, tell them verbally that you are bigger than bribe of theirs.

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A lot of things are hovering around this time, countless number of killings, incessant corrupt practices, indecent attitudes, few days ago persons not less than 20 lost their productive `and effectual lives on a stampede in Uke Anambra state all in the name of Gubernatorial election, what a desperate action: to campaign in the church of God habaa, I ponder. You might not understand the pains until you made the wrong choice in this election. It’s time to tell ourselves the ample authenticity, fidelity is a great honour gain one for yourself and be glad to quote glory.

From what transpired in recent Delta senatorial election I must say that some party in Nigeria has resolved that there will never be a free and fair election in again Nigeria but our choice and effort in whole will subdue them this time. As I am talking to Anambra citizen (electorates) I also forewarn the gubernatorial candidates that if you are not careful your sins shall find you out before the election thus, be mindful of how desperate you are about this election because we are human not fools or maroon and jettison objects. Come what, our choice must prevail come 16th Nov. 2013, say no to any form of electoral malpractice.

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Let us come out fully to participate in this election mostly the youth but tackling this issue of participation to the trash my greatest fear is the fact that our youth this days has so much enter wined themselves into vulnerability, they have lost how to stand predatory, therefore, taking any form of indecent offer from our political figures, for crying out louder this is becoming unbecomable and therefore congesting our social and civic responsibilities with nonsense, it is causing obstruction in the society because we socially inclined part of the
Society has termed vulnerable.

Nevertheless, don’t say it is not my business after all, mind you there are a lot of important attached to participation in elections most especially the youth which is globally adduced not just for political vertices but for the efficacy of other endeavors of any polity: economical etc.

long live Federation of Igbo Students, long live Nigeria

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