Bells university is decaying; Obasanjo please help us – Students cry

Students of Bell University of Technology, Ota in Ogun State have decried the suffering and smiling they are going through in the hands of the management.

The students claimed that they are charged for things they do not utilize. According to the aggrieved students who preferred to be anonymous due to the sensitivity of the issue, claimed they are charged for internet service, e-library and DSTV.

The students called on the founder of the University, the former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to monitor the affair of the management who they believe is exploiting them.

Speaking with NAIJA CENTER NEWS, the students said “Bells university of technology,Ota had been a dream school to many young talents but yet as the years go by the reverse turns the concern of the students therein.

“It all started like play when we were enjoined to sign an undertaking of good behaviour during our matriculation ceremony. Most of us did that as part of the requirements for a dream come true, but as the years have gone by, we are now in civilize slavery of the century.

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“Firstly, we pay for things in our school fees which we end up not enjoying – like internet service, e-library to mention but a few. Yet when we are visited by the owner (Former president Olusegun Obasenjo) the whole administration personnel act and behave as if all is well.

“Late last year we were told that we can’t enjoy dstv anymore because it was near exams period but here we are in a new semester and nothing seems to change.”

The students complained that Mr. Olorin as he is simply called has barred them from purchasing satchet water from outside even though there is no NAFDAC number on the bottle water sold to students in the campus, plus the it is cheaper to buy off campus.

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“School via the office of Mr olorin head of bells consult has stopped us from buying sachet water from outside school premises when the bells sachet water and bottle water has no nafdac no on it. My question to him is if he trying to tell us how to spend our allowances?. When outside campus sachet water is #100, but here in school consult it’s sold between #150-#200 depending on availability of product.

“If one is sick in school, the charges incurred for going to school clinic is in multiple of two compared to the hospital outside school.  Every semester we are asked to pay one form of fees to another and at the end, we would not enjoy for what we are levied for.

“What’s the essence of having medical bill in our school fee and yet every year we are paying extra for drug test?
To feed inside campus is very costly nowadays because the administration is now politicizing which vendor to keep or send parking.

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“Sometimes I wonder if we are in senior secondary school or a university.

“Who can make the varsity hear our pains? These policies are very painful. Common water we rarely have in our halls and every year the water project reflects in BUPF projects.

Dear school,  with all these and many other unsaid pains, if the students revolt, I hope our conscience would be justified. Our dear daddy Ex president Olusegun Obasanjo help us and monitor the affairs of these institution keenly because we are still suffering”

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