NYSC Mobilization For 2013 Batch A


According to information obtained from the website of the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, the Batch A 2013 Orientation Course is to begin on 26 March 2013, to 16 April.For foreign trained Nigerian graduates who wish to partake in the scheme, their registration, which has already commenced from Monday 10 December 2012, will end on Thursday, 24 January 2013 in the various states’ NYSC secretariats across the country.

A breakdown of the time table is as follows:

NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2013 Batch A
Event Date
1 Registration of Foreign-trained Nigerian Graduates 10th December, 2012- 24th January, 2013
3 Submission of Masterlist. Screening/Vetting by Mobilization Officers. 21th – 24th January, 2013
4 Action by the ICT. 21st January- 11th February, 2013
5 Delivery of Preliminary Printouts 11th – 13th February, 2013
6 Return of Corrected Printouts by Institutions to NYSC NDHQ 25th – 27th February , 2013
7 Action by ICT 25th February – 11th March, 2013
8 Sorting and Packaging of Call-up letters 11th – 18th March, 2013
9 Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions / NYSC Secretariats 18th – 20th March, 2013
10 Briefing of Prospective Corps Members Throughout the year
11 2013 Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course 26th March – 16th April, 2013

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  1. 100000501091079   December 16, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Congratulations to those who will make it…May the good Lord grant your all the grace.


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