CELEBRITY QUOTE: I’m not a gold digger – Soul E

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Soul E & banker Queen Ure

“I wish that those who are saying things behind me, know half of what I experienced in my search for a better manager and records company than I had. I wanted a manager and records label that would best tap my musical potential and allow me to see the money I was slaving for. The truth is, I’ve been unlucky with my previous associations with people who smiled to me and promised to treat me as a music star.

“Now, people think I am a gold digger. What a shame. But how I wish they knew I was making more money from performing at shows outside Nigeria when I was living under the lady’s roof. Someone else was taking care of the money that was coming in, not me.

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“Nobody kicked me out as was reported. I walked away with the little pride in me. I only took away my cell phones, CDs containing my unreleased songs and a hand luggage containing my personal effects. They also said that we were married. But I challenge anyone to check the records in any registry from Nigeria to the end of the world. My neglected music career is my lover and fiancée. That’s why I’m giving everything to promote this upcoming album on my own. Others have failed me but God has

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