#IstandwithNigeria: I don’t think Nigerians should go on protest – #Blackface

says he has no business with 2face

Former Plantashun Boiz singer, Augustine Ahmedu Obiabo aka Blackface was severely abused and ridiculed online during the week when he took a stand against 2face and the forthcoming protest he is organising. Blackface had shared a post which called 2face an illiterate, and that 2face is only concerned about himself, and not the plight of the masses.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Blackface maintained his stand against the protest. He said, “I don’t think Nigerians should go on a protest. The economy is down because of how things have been bad over the years, and it cannot be fixed within the twinkle of an eye. We should give this government some time for them to put things in order. Nigerians have to respect the rule of law and hope that things get better. We can then work with the government to make the country a better and peaceful place. Buhari just started and we need to give them the chance to perform. I honestly don’t agree with everything in the article that I posted online, but there are some facts in it that I want people to read and I couldn’t cut it off because it was together.”

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Speaking further, he said, “My stand has nothing to do with anybody that is involved in the protest; it’s just that the country is in a sensitive time. In the past, I sang songs like Hard Life because I wasn’t happy with the state of the country. I did not call anybody to march and protest with me. I speak with my music and artistes should do the same. They should not let people manipulate them into bringing people out for their own selfish interests. I think that the conscious music we did in the past is what led to this new change because we had been wailing for too long. I think God heard, and he has brought somebody that can try to salvage the situation. Our soldiers are now better equipped than they were before, so it tells you that things are going to change gradually. As much as Fela was singing political songs, he didn’t rally people to protest against the government because he is a smart man. Bob Marley did not do that either, so why should 2face do what nobody has ever done before? I have love for my people and I don’t want to see anybody coming out and getting hurt; we don’t need that. We have had too much violence recently and I know that the government is working towards curbing that.”

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On his present relationship with 2face, he said, “2face is an artiste, and I don’t like discussing about anything that has to do with him. I have no business or connection with 2face; the only thing we have in common is that there are some songs we sang together in the past.”

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