It will surprise you to know that 2 face two baby mama are actually best of friends. The kind of maturity people thought do not exist anymore. Do you think this is real? Annie close friend to Sunmbo Ajaba?

2face and Annie Idibia                                  Sunmbo Ajaba and 2face Idibia. They have two boys together
Not to cause any drama, just sincerely want to know what you guys think. Can two women who at a time shared one man and have children by him, ever be real friends? I’m not talking about being cordial with one another, I’m talking about being friends, remembering birthdays, hollering at each other on Twitter etc. You read their tweets, and you’re like, WTH???

Bish, my heart desire was to marry 2face, whatdafck you talking about? Lol.


Is this a sign of maturity between two women who have buried the hatchet or just oju aye, as in eye service? If the former is the case, then this behaviour should really be encouraged, if not, then…stop it girls! Hehe! Please share your thoughts…

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