19 year old brother rapes 8yr-old sister

A 19-year-old man told a Harare magistrate yesterday that he slept with his eight-year-old sister by consent after promising to buy her school books. “I persuaded her to sleep with me and she agreed because I had promised to buy her school books,” the man told the court.

For the sick act, he will spend the next decade in jail after Regional magistrate Sandra Mupindu, who described his acts as disturbing, slapped him with the lengthy prison sentence. He said he did not know how he came to be aroused by his little sister, claiming “it just happened suddenly”.

The court heard that on June 2 this year, the girl’s parents left her in the company of her brother while they attended a farewell party at Mutimusakwa Primary School in Mhondoro. Later in the afternoon, he started caressing and fondling his sister’s body saying that he wanted to play with her in that manner, before removing her underwear and raping her.

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Th girl’s parents returned to find their daughter wearing a stained skirt and bleeding profusely. They went to the hospitalwhere a medical examinationwas conducted, leading to his arrest. The man pleaded guilty to the charges. Inpassing sentence, Mupindu said such sex crimes were on the rise

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  1. Georgina Ehita   June 21, 2012 at 8:31 am

    hmmmm, wonders shall really not end. I just keep wondering why people allow devil to use them. cos I know that will be his excuses, it was the devil’s work. I pray his little sister will be able to forgive him.


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