Abati Blasts Tambuwal saying he’s now a sorcerer that reads body language

By Ehi Ekhator, Colomo, Sri Lanka.

Jonathan Might fire more ministersThe special Adviser to the President, Dr. Reuben Abati,  has attacked the Speaker of House of Representative, Alhaji Aminu Waziri Tambuwal who blasted President Jonathan that he was weak in fighting corruption in Nigeria.

Abai expressed disappointment knowing that such criticism was coming from a high profile Nigeria who should defend his party and the government knowing fully well that Jonathan administration is investigating various matters and following due process in every matters concerning corruption.

His words “Candidly, is Tambuwal now a sorcerer that he now goes about reading people’s body language?”

“Tambuwal should focus more on the efforts of the administration in fighting corruption, and comment on what he knows.”

“The administration is not going to fight corruption on the basis of mere speculation, or the bad politics being played by some people.”

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“I think it is unfortunate that a man that is occupying such a high office is talking about body language…”

“He is certainly in a position to know the truth and defend both his party and the government. He should make the effort to know that government is investigating various matters & working on them in accordance with due process”

He also added that effort to fight corruption in Nigeria is not a personal responsibility rather, a collective responsibility.

He said “President Jonathan will not condone any act of proven corruption. The fight against corruption is ultimately a collective responsibility.”

The speaker has lashed President Goodluck Jonathan’s attitude to the anti-corruption battle. A conclusion he drawn from the manner at which Jonathan handled an obvious act by the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah,  the subsidy probe, the pension and SEC probe.

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“Take the subsidy probe, the pension, the SEC probe and recently the bullet proof car cases. After the House of Representatives did a diligent job by probing and exposing the cases, you now see something else when it comes to prosecution.

He also accused Jonathan of setting up committees that is not needed. He added that the government has no business setting up any committee in a case that is clear to Nigerians like that of Oduah

“In some cases, you have the government setting up new committees to duplicate the job already done by the parliament. Take the bullet proof cars case; the NSA, with all the security challenges confronting the country, should not be burdened with a job that can best be handled by the anti-corruption agencies.

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“The government has no business setting up any administrative committee in a case that is clear to all Nigerians. What the President should have done was to explicitly direct the EFCC to probe the matter. With such directives coming from the President, I am sure we still have good people in EFCC who can do a good job.

“By setting up different committees for straightforward cases, the President’s body language doesn’t tend to support the fight against corruption.”


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