ACN, PDP plan to assassinate party leaders – LP

Labour Party in Ondo State on Wednesday cried out over alleged plans to assassinate some leaders of the Peoples’ Democratic Party and the Action Congress of Nigeria’s in the state. punchng reports

The state Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr. Koye Odogiyan, in a statement, alleged that the opposition parties planned to assassinate their leaders to create the impression that the ruling LP was behind the act to earn the sympathy of the electorate.

Odogiyan said, “Information at our disposal indicates that the leadership of a particular opposition party had perfected plans to carry out assassination plots on prominent Ondo indigenes who are members of either the ACN or the PDP

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“The level of vigilance witnessed at the election in Edo state which made the much needed One-man-one-vote possible has demonstrated that it will be impossible for an unpopular party to get electoral victory in the country.

“The leadership of the affected opposition party plans to create tension and intimidate the electorate.

“Security agents have already been briefed about the development. We are crying out now for the people to know that the vampire may be in their midst.

“Ondo is reputed for peace. Not even was there bloodletting when our party was in the trenches; we won’t resort to that now when we are already in government and living up to the expectations of our people.”

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He appealed to security agents to be vigilant and ensure that no meaningless killing takes place in the state.

But the ACN and the PDP dismissed the allegation.

ACN spokesman, Mr. Rotimi Agbede, said, “The ACN has antecedents and pedigree. We are not desperate politicians. The LP might be revealing its secret plans. We have not carried out such evil plots in state where we had won and Ondo won’t be an exception.”

His counterpart for the PDP, Mr. Ayodele Fadaka, alleged that the party in power was in a position to carry out such attacks and get away with it because of the enormous resources at its disposal.

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Fadaka said, “We in the PDP are afraid of the LP government because it has enormous resources to prosecute electoral fraud either by hook or by crook.

“Should anybody in the PDP be attacked or killed before or after the election, the LP government in Ondo State should be held responsible because we are aware that they are training thugs across the state at the moment.”


2 Responses to "ACN, PDP plan to assassinate party leaders – LP"

  1. Stalin Jay   July 20, 2012 at 6:14 am

    ACN will accuse PDP and LP. LP will accuse ACN and PDP. PDP will accuse LP and ACN.
    a) What is the probability that none will accuse each other and concentrate on governance?
    b) What is the probability that they will accuse each other and abandon governance?


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