ANPP chairman lamented on the attitude of prominent party members

Chairman of All Nigeria Peoples Party, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, on Wednesday lamented the attitude of some members of the party to its activities.

Onu spoke at its National Executive Committee meeting at the ANPP headquarters in Abuja.

Onu, who looked worried while addressing the party leaders, said he was not happy that prominent members of the party do not attend meetings.

He said, “As members of a political party desirous of doing better in future elections, we cannot achieve this when we do not show enough commitment to promoting those bonds that will hold us together as members of one family.

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“In matters affecting members of our great party, it is regrettable that the feeling of family has unfortunately been lacking. When meetings are convened to discuss important issues affecting the fortunes of our great party, many of our leaders hardly show up.

“On most occasions, they do not even have the courtesy of sending apologies for their absence. This is not right. No political party can hope to do well during elections when those who should show leadership fail to do so.”

Onu added, “We need to change our strategy if we are to do better in future elections. We should begin in time to plan and strategise for the future, knowing that the best way to successfully engage tomorrow is to plan for it today.”

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He said there was no way any party could win an election if the electorate do not trust the politicians.

Onu said, “We cannot win elections when some of us have one leg in the ANPP and another leg in another political party at the same time.

“Our two legs must be in one place, so that we can move in one direction with the Nigerian people. The only place for our two legs to be should be in the ANPP. No more, no less!”


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