At Last: Apps To Help With The Details Of Divorce

Although June is often a good month for weddings, there really is no good time for divorce. And it always comes at a cost — emotionally and financially.

When the luster on marriage starts to tarnish, you can turn to your smartphone for a little guidance. (Shutterstock / June 8, 2012)


There are several apps to help you prepare and manage the business of divorce. However, no app will take the place of a skilled attorney.

Each state has its own specific laws and equations for financial support and custody, and many law firms  from California to Illinois to New York have free or low-fee apps to walk you through the process before you set foot in a meeting with a lawyer both for the iPhone and Android devices.

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In California, you can get a sense of what a divorce will cost you in monthly support with a free iPhone calculator from Dishon & Block that’s based on the formulas used by the California Family Code and other rules of the court. That’s all is does — give you a ballpark figure for monthly spousal and child support.

Though most of the calculators in Apple’s App store appear to be state-specific, a free one in the Google Play market covers all states. The Child Support Calculator is based on the various statutory guidelines, though there are other factors that play into the final number. And the court has the final authority over the amount awarded.

One app actually in the iTunes and Android markets that really focuses on divorce in New Jersey does have broader applications for those beyond Hoboken. The app from Stark & Stark can help you do an inventory of the marital assets — that’s mine, this was his — in preparation for formalizing the process.

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It has a Divorce Journal to store personal notes about your divorce and, for physically abusive relationships, it helps you to collect audio and photographic evidence of the abuse — and contact the authorities for New Jerseyites.

Once your marital ties are dissolved, keeping track of things from email exchanges to child exchanges is often imperative to keep the peace — or at least legal balance. Divorce Log for Android and iPhone lets you track child support, alimony, time with your children, expenses and correspondence. Entries can be emailed  as HTML or text to your attorney or child support office.

The $4.99 app will calculate your expenses and you can paste copies of text messages and emails in the correspondence part of the application.

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It’s much more fun, obviously, to plan a wedding than it is to plan a divorce. But the apps at least help inform and organize you.

I’m not sure you can say that Windows Phone owners stay married longer, but only the Microsoft Marketplace has no apps on how to divorce — just how to stay married.

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