Attempt Made To Murder Apostle Princewill By Ex-Members Of MMF Ministries

Ex-member, Faith Okosisi, she can’t always eat her cake and have it. Hell gate has open up her consumption and morning frustrated woman. Some years ago she barge into a humble family’s marriage in the pretext of a family friend and relation to scatter and break the marriage through illicit sex and caused shame and embarrassment to the family by claiming the family head has impregnated her with an evidence of a biological mistake in her hand named Emma Jr. the boy Emma is the result of her wayward and useless lifestyle.

The wife to the supposed father of her child Stopped at nothing to kill the Bastard child of hers,  and  It was that point she was  directed and brought to mountain movers. That having taken care of by the God of Apostle Princewill, she made move again with her evil intension to mar the Apostle vision by dressing seductively in MMFM to the detriment of all the members, claiming to be the personal assistance of the Apostle, causing dramatic nude scene often in the name of assisting him in his vision.

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The man of God on several occasion openly rebuked her before the congregation to be cautious of her activities in the house of God but she yielded not.

Her evil intention pushed her further as to poisoning the water she choose to be giving to the servant of God, and the God who called him revealed the action and that lead to her leaving the church.

O! an evil incarnated woman when will she repent of her wickedness… It is appointed unto a man to die once and after judgment……. Hebrew 9 – 29

Already an earthly judgment was instigated ruled against her yesterday in an high court situated at mararaba, Nasarawa state for attempting to murder the Apostle on the 3rd of  August at an Ungodly hour of 3am with her cohort. The court judge charge the conspirators of the Apostle guilty and remanded them in a prison custody till the  13th of September 2012.

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The conspirators arrested are faith Okosisi, Ngozi offer and daughter favour, Richard offer, Ezenne offor and , Steven offor while Cynthia Adaeku and the purported fathers of favour  are still at large. They are the conspirators who broke into MMFM to murder the Apostle on the 3rd of August 2012.

However, Cynthia is denying her involvement in the case of murder by the conspirators; it’s unfortunate because a video coverage in that regard will prove her lies. The turnaround scenario is attracting despicable opinion in each scene the acclaim leader of the conspiracy FAITH OKOSISI told the police that she and her cohort came to ask the Apostle for forgiveness and reinstatement of peace in an odd hours of the morning 3am.  What a peace mission!

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The gate of Hell cannot stop the church of God.

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