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LEADER of the Senate in Nigeria, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, has raised alarm over the rate at which innocent lives are being wasted in the country by terrorist groups, including the politically inspired Islamic militant organization, Boko Haram.

Ndoma-Egba, in an online statement to AkanimoReports from his office on Sunday said that it was appalling to see how mass murder was gradually becoming the order of the day in the country.

The senator who is also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), noted that the killing of innocent Christian worshippers at a church in Jos, the troubled Plateau State capital, on Sunday, when the people of Nigeria were still in a mournful state over the loss of over 160 lives to the Dana Airline plane crash, ”is the height of insensitivity to human emotions”.

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Scores of Christians were killed in the latest bomb blast in the North, and numerous others injured.

He described the latest attack on Christians in the Northern part of the country, as ”a crime against humanity and the sublime essence of God”, adding, ”no religious or moral teachings can justify hate and a culture of violence as standard for human behaviour”.

According to him, ”it is appalling to see how how mass murder has become the order of the day in our country. Over time, we have narrowed these criminal activities to the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

”But a time has come when we need to expand our searchlight and come up with fresher theories. Nigeria must move on; and no matter what the grievances of these people are they need to exercise self restraints. I believe that resolving those grievances can only happen when Nigeria is one united country.

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“The serial killing of innocent worshippers is an action tantamount to crime against humanity and the sublime essence of the Most High God. No religion or moral teaching condones hate and a culture of violence as a standard for human behaviour”.

The senator then expressed his condolences to the families of those involved in the Sunday attack, saying only God can console the hearts of such families. ENDS

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