Court Lashes Out At Man For Habitually Inspecting Wife’s Private Part

A Zambian magistrate court sitting in Lusaka has lashed out on a middle-aged man for being in the habit of inspecting his wife’s private part.

The man named William Phiri was alleged by his wife, Hope Lungu of being in the habit of inspecting her private parts to confirm if she has slept with another man.

He also allegedly stopped all male friends from visiting their home or coming near his wife.

Lungu, 33, told the court that she felt offended with her husband’s habit of checking her private parts. This forced her to take the matter to court to end her misery in their 18-year-old marriage.

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Magistrate Mwape said, “your actions are unjustified and prove that indeed there is a problem in this marriage. It is unheard of for a husband to check his wife’s private parts.”

Magistrate Mwape said inspecting Lungu’s private parts and forcing her to wear her husband’s underwear could not stop her from having s*x with other men, if she wanted to.

On his defence on the allegations levied against him, Phiri said that he suspected that his wife was having an extra-marital affairs.

He claimed that on two occasions, a man had come to their home with groceries and other commodities but she did not introduce the man to him. This, he claimed, raised suspicion and a subsequent ban on men visiting them.

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Phiri alleged that his brother-in-law defiled his daughter, saying this had fuelled tension between the couple.

He told the court that he became uncomfortable with his in-laws taking up the financial responsibility of his family.

The court then dissolved the marriage. There was no compensation paid because he was financially insolvent as it was evident from the way the couple’s in-laws were feeding them.

But Magistrate Mwape ordered Phiri to pay monthly maintenance of K300, 000 for his four children.

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