crash site taken over by Steel workers and scavengers

When reporters visited the site, there were about 20 young men rummaging through the rubble at the site, pulling out iron and other metallic substances.

Idling near the rubble, where a two-storey building once stood, was a crane.

A resident told reporters on the condition of anonymity that there was nothing more for the crane to unearth at the site.

“I may be wrong, but I don’t think there is any more work for this crane here. All these young men hovering over the rubble are just looking for iron rods and other metal scraps that would be useful in their trade. They all deal in metal works,” the source said.

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Intent on their tasks, the young men, mostly in their teens, searched through the rubble with the aid of some implements, after which metals were dragged out and loaded into carts.

Under-aged kids were also at the crash site, rummaging through the rubble.

All over the site, residents and other curious visitors discussed in groups, relieving the events of the crash.

The site has remained a tourist attraction as people from  different areas continue to visit the site.

Many cars belonging to the curious visitors, who had come to catch a glimpse of the damage caused by the plane crash, were parked along the side of the road leading to the site.

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