Delta State- We are oil producing kingdom with nothing to show

Olorogun Daji Eunice Oguma is the president of Urhobo Progress Union, Women’s Wing, Ughievwen Kingdom Chapter, Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State.

In this interview,  she bares her mind on the recent visit of the Delta State Deputy Governor’s wife, Dr. (Mrs.) Nelly Tuwere Utuama, to Ughievwen Kingdom and among other issues Excerpts:

What are the challenges  of the office of the president of UPU Women’s Wing?

The challenges abound all over the place.

One of them is finance because women need money to educate themselves in order to be exposed.  Education is not gotten from one place, you must travel to acquire education. Like when I was the chairperson of the National Council of Women Societies  in Ughelli South Local Government Area, I took some women to Abuja  and it was educative.

But now I no longer have access to such things because my position is restricted to Ughievwen kingdom, and, as you know, Urhobo Progress ‘Union does not give us money to do anything but I am trying with the little I have to help. When there is any function, I try  to cater for their transportation for them to see things for themselves, so that they can change from their age long backwardness to people who are exposed and enlightened because if they are exposed and enlightened, they will also transfer it to their own children and husband.

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And the society will be a better place. If you educate a woman, you educate the whole nation; youth restiveness will be a thing of the past. Finance is our major problem, even if we write to banks, they don’t give us anything. Ughievwen is an oil producing kingdom but there is nothing to show for it. By right, we ought to have light in town.

What is your comment on the recent visit of the deputy governor’s wife to Ughievwen Kingdom?

When you see an enlightened person, you see the hall mark in that person. From the visitation, I know that the education Dr. (Mrs.) Nelly Tuwere Utuama had undergone is showing in her life because, in recent times, there have been turbulence in the kingdom and the sub-clan where she comes hails from, which is Otokutu town in Uhurie sub-clan of Ughievwen kingdom and, being the wife of the deputy governor of Delta State, she had shown that she is not  partial to any of her brothers whether from Orhowhe, Owahwa, Ukpedi or Uhurie sub-clans.

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The law has taken its course, a decision has been reached and the kingship of Ughievwen kingdom goes to Owahwa sub-clan for now and is in the person of HRM Matthew Edirin Egbi, Owahwa II, Okobaro of Ughievwen Kingdom.

The deputy governor’s wife  is not taking sides; her own is  that since the court has ruled, it is good enough for the kingdom. That is one area I see her as  enlightened, wise and a good daughter of Ughievwen Kingdom and her husband and as such a second mother in Delta.

Why the large turn out of women during her visit?

I wouldn’t want to give to my self  the power that I do not have, I ascribe the large turnout to  the divine grace of God. Because if God is in charge, nobody can upturn an event and, having  stretched her hands of fellowship to other women, we must reciprocate.

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I and  Chief (Mrs.) Maria Boro, two of us, were appointed by her Excellency to invite the women and they heeded  the invitation. And having  been given that mandate, we saw it as a challenge that our sister and our wife could not sent us on an errand and we will fail bearing it in mind that I am from the grassroots.

Does this large turnout show that Ughievwen Kingdom is now united?

The unity has always been with us. It all depends on the individuals handling issues at a particular time.

And we are united with the wife of the deputy governor. Even if she comes again tomorrow,  there will still be a large turnout because we are always with her and she is always in touch with us.

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