Displaced Makoko residents sleeps under third mainland bridge

Following the demolition of shanties in Makoko waterfront, thousands of displaced residents have relocated under the Third Mainland Bridge.

Our correspondent who visited the area on Wednesday reported that residents had been pulling down shanties which did not fit into government’s plan.

One of the residents, Paul Aworetan, said the residents would cooperate with the state government but urged the government to resettle them.

He said, “The order given by the government was that no structure must be built within 100 metres from the powerline and we are complying. Initially, the residents refused but we have come to realise that it is in our best interest and shanty owners whose structures did not meet the requirement have begun pulling them down.

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“However, many people have been affected and have now relocated beneath the Third Mainland Bridge. They are living in their boats and are being subjected to harsh conditions. Some others have moved in with nearby residents but I hope government could relocate them.”

Aworetan said many residents had agreed to improve on sanitation so that the state government would not have reason to demolish more structures.

“We are going to put together an environmental task force which will monitor compliance with sanitation rules. Our hope is that if we meet the conditions of the government, there wouldn’t be cause for further demolition,” he said

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Aworetan said the government should consider building a city on water like developed countries such as Italy, rather than attempting to demolish Makoko

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  1. sarah   July 19, 2012 at 11:18 am

    yeah really sad

  2. originalnwa   July 19, 2012 at 10:45 am

    that is so bad. anyway God will help u guys


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