DKB To Commit Suicide After The Big Brother Saga?

Currently, the most talked about gig in the showbiz circles in Ghana and in Africa right now is no other but the saga that went on in the Big Brother Star Game House concerning Ghana’s representatives in the house, DKB and Mildred a.k.a Eazzy.

Now, this very issue has received so many varied views, expressions and sentiments from the general public but the question is how the feelings of the people involved in this saga are?

Granting a radio interview with Edem Kobby Mathias (Kobby Drill) of FOCUS 94.3 FM (K.N.U.S.T) in Kumasi this weekend, Comedian and host of family game T.V show Derrick Kwabena Bonnie affectionately called DKB who represented Ghana in the BBA house but was disqualified after a scuffle with housemate Zainab from Sierra Leon has expressed deep regret for his actions to his fans in Kumasi.

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He added that, he has felt very bad since the day he came back home because he felt he has disappointed so many fans of his and that he deeply apologizes from his heart and he expects his fans and critics to accept as him back.

When asked of how he was fighting this trauma, he explained that, he is doing his best to forget about the issue and continue with his life. Also, he gave kudos to his lovely girlfriend, Sharon Mercedes Dzipha Nutsugah who has done massively well to be by his side always and prevent him from doing anything nasty because what he was going through was too big for him because at a point it seemed the whole world was against him.

Away from the emotional talk, DKB jokingly confirmed that he once stole something at the shopping mall, which he made known to the public when he was in the BBA house and refused to let listeners know what item he stole. Later he added that, “it’s one of the crazy things you do in life”

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Also, when he (DKB) was asked if his job at Viasat 1 as a comedian, script writer and T.V show host was on the line as rumor has it, he said he was not going to comment and that Viasat 1 should be left out of this and that whatever happened has got nothing to do with Viasat 1.

Finally, before saying goodbye, he introduced a new provocation prevention theory which he advised KNUST and the Kumasi folks to practice anytime they are provoked. The theory was “if someone provokes you, you for run” which basically means, flee from anyone who provokes you. “Don’t just walk away, you have to run!” he said. This created some laughter in the interview and made it lively.

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DKB was so grateful to the people of Kumasi and most especially his fans and promised them he would be coming into the garden city soon and that they should watch out for him.

So, that was how it all ended. But don’t forget, if someone tries to provoke you, apply DKB’s provocation prevention theory, “YOU FOR RUUUUN!!”

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