El Rufai: Igbos Are Bombing Our Mosques

The Former FCT and the indicted BPE boss, Malam Nasir El-Rufai has accused the Igbo Christians as been responsible for the bombings in the North, especially the Mosques.
Malam El-Rufai in his recent twitter post, said that an Igbo man was arrested for trying to bomb a mosque in Niger state over the week.
He accused the Igbos in his earlier facebook post, for been behind boko haram’s attack in the North.

A twitter follower of Malam El-Rufai expressed his shock and replied him in the same thread, “Igbo Man?”, “Unless d the bomb is fake. Igbo man love his life and business than bombing himself.”

The Niger state Police command refuted this monstrous allegation and described it as false and diversionary. The intended bomber was later identified as a Kanuri man from Borno state.

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A week ago in Yola, One Bama Habibu who was declared wanted by the Nigerian security was killed in a gun battle with JTF squad, few minutes later, news was that an Igbo man, named Bernard Opara was killed by the JTF, instead of Bama Habibu.

Last two weeks in a Kano, four young men were caught trying to plant explosives in a Mosque. The suspects was branded Igbos, but the timely intervention of the Kano police PRO, who announced that the Suspects were from Kano and Yobe and one of them do worship in that local mosque.

Kaduna church bombing early this month, was dubiously credited to one fake name, Mr Odia. The same name was used as a suicide bomber in Bauchi and Yobe respectively. The police also refuted that intentional misinformation and announced that the suspect is from Katsina state and has nothing to do with the over-used fake name, Mr Odia.

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A boko haram ring leader who was arrested in kano in May, 2012, was rumoured to be a Yoruba man. The man claimed to come from Ogbomoso, but on interrogation, he confessed that he is from Maiduguri, but just relocated to Kano. He told the police that he was instructed to claim a Yoruba man.

We should all remember when Al Qaeda in Iraq bombed a Shite holy Mosque few years ago, and their propaganda machine said that it was an attack from the Sunnais. The retaliatory attack lead to the inter-tribal war that left over 197,000 people in Iraq dead in less than 28 months.

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This is the same game, Malam El-Rufai and his cohorts have been playing through the social media and words of mouth. They should be aware that this will certainly destroy the corporate existence of our treasured country, if they refuse to apply caution or been stopped now by the security.

It is time to tell Malam El-Rufai, that the patience and silence of Nigerians on his attacks on our peace and Unity should not be seen as cowardice or ignorance. Enough should be Enough. – Eric Odejimba, Maiduguri, Borno state.

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