Family of slain suspected witch faults autopsy report

Family of Mrs. Rebecca Adewumi, who was accused of witchcraft and allegedly tortured to death  by some youths with the support of some community leaders in Omuo Ekiti, has rejected the report of autopsy carried out on the deceased.

The autopsy was carried out on Adewumi by pathologists at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti.

A cousin of the deceased, Mr. Gabriel Omokanju, alleged at a press conference in Ado Ekiti on Wednesday that report was manipulated.

He said, “We are not satisfied with the report of the autopsy; it was manipulated. They said there was no laceration on her skin  to confirm that she was tortured to death. They also claimed that there was no mutilation on her fingers as we had earlier said.

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“They said that she was not  poisoned  but  they claimed that they found few grains of rice  in her stomach 18 days after she  died.  But no extraction from her stomach to confirm this. This woman did not eat until she died; so I didn’t know where and when she ate the rice.”

He added that the lacerations on the body of the woman which suggested torture were rubbished by the pathologists.

According to him, the pathologist claimed that the wounds on the body were signs it had started to decompose because it was not well embalmed.

Omokanju alleged that some of the people in the community were threatening to kill the relatives of the deceased.

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He said those who were threatening to kill them said they would not stop until those who were arrested by the police in connection with the killing were released.

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