Georgia woman killed by dogs she had rescued off the street

Rebecca Carey, 23, had six dogs at home — and 1 or more of them killed her. Family and friends say she dedicated herself to helping abandoned dogs, was an experienced handler and would be ‘devastated’ to learn that all the animals will be euthanized.


Rebecca Carey, who spent her life rescuing dogs off the street, was killed by multiple dog bites from animals she was sheltering in her home.


Rebecca Carey, who spent her life rescuing dogs off the street, was killed by multiple dog bites from animals she was sheltering in her home.

A Georgia woman who spent her life rescuing dogs off the street was killed by multiple dog bites last weekend.

Rebecca Carey, 23, of Decatur, died of multiple dog bites from at least one of the six pooches she had in her home at the time. A friend who discovered the dog lover’s dead body at her home never suspected the dogs.

“There was a lot of blood,” Jackie Cira told WSB TV. “When I first got there, it looked like she had fallen and hit her head.”

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The DeKalb County medical examiner ruled that she was killed by one or more of the dogs in the home at the time, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Carey owned five dogs including two pit bulls, a boxer mix and a Presa – a large Spanish dog. She was also dog sitting another Presa as well.

Since authorities could not determine how many dogs took part in the vicious attack, all of them will be euthanized Wednesday, the paper reported.



Rebecca Carey, say family and friends, would be “devastate” to learn the animals at her home will be euthanized because of her death.

Cira disagreed, telling the station that not all of the dogs could possibly be responsible for the attack, that some of them were gentle and should be spared.

“I don’t know who did what, but I can say with certainty who did not,” Cira said.

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The plea did not change officials’ minds.

“We didn’t know which dog did which. I can’t be wrong. Not just myself, no one can be wrong in putting out a dog that possibly had to do with these type of injuries. I will not put another person at that kind of risk,” DeKalb County animal control interim director Tim Medlin told the station.



Rebecca Carey was found by a friend in her home where six dogs were living. The coroner has found that she died from multiple dog bites.

Cira told the paper that had Carey known all of the dogs were put down, it would have devastated her. She speculated that her friend died falling while she tried to break up a fight between two of the dogs.

“She was a very experienced dog handler,” Cira said, “If she found out it was a dangerous dog, they were gone. She felt strongly that dangerous dogs had no business being in society, where they could attack a child or something.”

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In a statement released to local media, Carey’s family said their deceased daughter made it her life’s mission to give voice to abandoned dogs, whenever possible, after reading the book “Throw Away Pets” in second grade. She was working in a veterinary clinic and volunteering at animal shelters at the time of her death. “There she did what she loved the most: rescuing animals from untenable situations to find them safe, loving homes.”

Cira agreed, telling the station “any dog she came into contact with, she brought out the best in.”

Messages left for comment with both the DeKalb County Police and Animal Control were not returned.


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