Ghana: Ex-President Mills’ Lover Angry, Threatens To Unveil Some Secrets

Lady Portia, the former sweetheart of Ghana’s late President John Atta MillsSweet-faced Portia, the former sweetheart of Ghana’s late President John Atta Mills, with whom he is believed to have had his only known child, Samuel Kofi Atta Mills, is angry and threatening to reveal the circumstances surrounding the birth and upbringing of the young man, as well as his relationship with his step-mother, Dr. Ernestina Naadu Mills, a family source has told News-One.

Portia Obiri-Yeboah, who is reportedly married to a certain Mr. Awuku, a London-based wealthy Ghanaian, is said to have stated thatGhana had not heard her life story and how come very little or absolutely nothing was heard of her until the demise of President Mills.

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“She wants the air cleared once and for all and has always maintained that it is better to explain and bring clarity to what would become historical facts rather than remain quiet and intensify the speculations and misinformation concerning the matrimonial history of the late president. “The other time she wanted to talk, the family heads prevailed on her not to talk but she believes the time is right now and is just angry that she is being prevailed upon to remain silent,” a very close relation told News-One.

This is not the first time Portia has indicated her willingness to express her thoughts on some unexplained issues surrounding her relationship with the former president and their son.

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At a recently held post burial ceremony, she was reported to have strongly indicated her wish to speak to the media but she was prevailed upon not to talk.

Samuel Kofi Atta Mills recently expressed reservations after he was disallowed from reading a tribute to his late father and was also not allowed to lay a wreath by his grave.

A couple of government spokespersons have explained that Samuel was not allowed to read the tribute because of time constraints during the funeral service.

After the state funeral, Samuel was said to have called his friends and relations, mostly from his mother’s side, and held a very private but touching funeral service at his residence near Roman Ridge in Accra, where he read his tribute.

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Source: News-One

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