Homemade Beauty Products: Remedy For Facial Blemishes

The face tends to be more sensitive than any other part of the body. It is also regularly exposed to solar radiation as well as to dust and dirt, therefore important that extra care is taken to ensure that it is naturally nourished.

Generally speaking, the quality of a person’s skin determines how good the individual looks. People consider healthy skin as a sign of good health.

Blemishes on the face are often the subject of intense worry and embarrassment for an individual. Thus, one can use some simple natural beauty tips for the face and skin to ensure that such problems do not arise.

But with the high cost of cosmetic products in the market, some persons may wonder if they would ever be able to get a blemish free skin. But the truth is you don’t need to spend so much to have a flawless face.

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You can achieve amazing results with natural products readily available in your kitchen, to make facial mask, scrub and moisturisers. They are readily available and economical too.

Homemade beauty tips
The first thing to ensure is that you consume a healthy diet. There are no beauty tips for face glow that would work without the individual being healthy in the first place.

A good, balanced diet with plenty of nourishment is necessary to get an individual in good shape. Nourishment of the skin takes place from within, which is why this is essential. Once this has been achieved, one can use some homemade beauty tips on skin.

Useful Ingredients
The following can be used alone or in combination for the skin
Honey: honey has been used for centuries. It is a good moisturiser and astringent.
Citrus juice: lemon and orange are natural astringent and useful in cleansing the skin.
Oils: Olive and almond possesses deep moisturising and softening properties.
Fruits and vegetables: whether eaten or applied to the face is beneficial to skin and the face.
Papaya: contains the enzyme papain which exfoliates naturally.

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Egg is a wonderful skin conditioner; the yolk enriches dry skin while the white is an excellent addition to mask and is beneficial to oily skin.

Oatmeal exfoliates the skin naturally and also rejuvenates it without causing harm.

Homemade Beauty Recipe For Face
Papaya face scrub

Mash the meat of the fresh papaya.
Add two teaspoons of ground oatmeal and one teaspoon of sugar, Mix into thick paste
Massage into skin for several minutes and allow drying.

Honey with sugar scrub
Add four table spoons of honey in a bowl
Add two teaspoons of sugar and mix thoroughly
Apply on face and leave for about five minutes
Wash off and pat the skin dry

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Simple Avocado Mask
Using a ripe avocado, scoop and mash the meat
If desired, combine with a tablespoon of honey
Rub on the face, avoiding eyes

Cocoa Butter and Egg Moisturiser for Normal Skin
Melt two tablespoons cocoa butter over low heat

Separate one egg yolk and add to butter.  Add two tablespoons lemon juice
So you could start trying out natural oils, fruits, juices, and sugars from your kitchen to formulate your cleansers, moisturisers and masks.

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