How CCTV Failed To Capture Blackberry Thief At Workshop

Participants at the Bureau for Public Procurement workshop which held at the Denis Hotel Wuse 2 recently were relieved when they were told that the CCTV inside the hall captured the thief making away with the black berry phone while the event was going on.

Their joy was however short-lived after watching the replay of the CCTV camera and saw the Nollywood-like enactment of how the thief quietly walked to the seat facing the table where the phone was kept by its owner; how he started pretending as if the phone was his and how he put the phone in his pocket and walked away from the table.

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What the camera did not capture was how the thief carefully thinned into the crowd of participants. When they came to the hall to identify the individual captured in the camera, it was absolutely impossible.

According to a security official who disclosed this incident to newsmen, the number of participants was about 300 and so it was difficult to identify the person captured in the camera.

As a result of the inability to identify the blackberry thief captured in the camera, the blackberry owner although having watched the scene where the thief picked the phone from the table could not get back his owner.

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The security officer lamented that many participants were in the habit of leaving their phones on the table where they sat to either go to use the restroom or just to exchange pleasantry with friends and associates “when somebody else steals the phone they now cause everyone embarrassment because everyone becomes a suspect,” he said.

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