I will fight if there is another Biafra

Former Biafra deputy to the late leader, Emeka Ojukwu, Brig-Gen Joseph O. Achuzia (rtd), has said he has no regrets fighting for Biafra as he would do it again if such situation crops up.

Also he revealed that Boko Haram religious insurgency is a Jihad war targeted on Christians, just as he tasked Christian religious leaders to wake up to the reality of the challenge.

Achuzia, who at present is President-General and National Chairman of Igbozurume, a Pan-Igbo organisation, championing the dignity of Ndigbo world wide told newsmen that the nation must be cautious about such development.

Said Achuzia “I have no regret fighting for Biafra because it was a war of survival and one doesn’t regret fighting for his survival, his children’s survival, his parent’s survival, his relation’s survival and his own clan survival. When you regret it then you don’t belong to that clan. We were not fighting for somebody else rather we were fighting for our own survival.

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“The fight at the moment, the Jihad which is going on, which Boko Haram is crusading is purely a war against the Christians and they are not hiding their feelings and intention. It is against the Christian South and the Christians in the North Central. Within the religious divide, Islam does not see Christians as brother or sister. As far as they are concerned, they are just like cattle and sheep that could be slaughtered as long as you do not embrace Islam.

“We are living in a world that is predominantly evil and it requires strong determination to survive. The church must change their strategy and know how to say enough is enough. What is ahead of them is not to be handled with kid gloves”.

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