Kanu Aimed Taking charge of Nigerian football at the Glass House.

Super Eagles’ formerskipper, Nwankwo Kanu, says that he is not thinking of taking up a coaching job if he quits the stage, stressing that he is more concerned about taking charge of  Nigerian football at the Glass House.

Speaking with our correspondent during the recent launching of a lottery fund to raise money for building an estimated N5 billion Cardiac Centre in Abuja, the out-of-form Portsmouth striker, said though his technical input during the few matches, yielded positive results, the option of coaching is totally out of it.

Asked if Kanu would go into coaching after retirement, he replied: “I don’t want to go into coaching even though I know that footballers don’t make rigid decision. My decision not to go into coaching might change in future. I know that I have coaching skill because even during Samson Siasia’s time, I use to go into the dressing room, if I was in the stadium to advise and talk to players. “I also did that even in the players’ hotel and such technical input made sense because they know my worth and what I have achieved in football. Iwas always there to talk to them but I don’t want to be their coach because Keshi is there for them. Football is not only about coaching, there are administrators.

“My plan is to be there where they take decision about the running of football. I want to make my impact because even if I become a coach, somebody will still lord it over me and I won’t like that. For now, I want to be up there. I want to administer Nigerian football,” he declared.

On how he wants to be remembered, the  Arsenal’s former skilful forward said: “I have been there and I have done my best. I served my country for 17 years and as they say, everything that has a beginning will certainly has an end. As for me, it is all over with playing. I have to play another role as an ambassador of Nigerian football and peace.

“My target is to come back home and make an impact with all I have learnt for many years. The biggest problem we have is that we are looking up instead of down at the grassroots and that was what I have been trying to preach. Apart from my people remembering me as footballer, I want people to also remember me as somebody who has touched life,” he said.

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