Learn the new sex words

The Head of Practical Christian Living Initiative, Mrs. Tinu Agbabiaka, has added to the literature of relationships in Nigeria. Her new book, A Time to Talk and a Time to Listen, due for presentation on June 30, explores practical approaches in achieving effective communication within relationships.

The book examines various issues that can enrich family life, guarantee peaceful marriage and be beneficial to child development. But in a segment that will particularly tickle many adult readers, Agbabiaka offers some statements that she expects lovers to mutter to each other when they are about to go on a sexual excursion.

These include ‘I love you,’ ‘I need you,’ ‘You are beautiful,’ ‘You are incredibly sexy,’ ‘You look hot,’ ‘I love your body,’ and ‘I can’t wait to see you.’

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The writer, who is also a marriage counsellor, even prescribes some other sensuous words meant to be said during sexual intercourse to stimulate the heat period. According to her, the way you communicate during the sexual act will go a long way in determining your sexual pleasure.

On why she wrote the book, she “My intention for writing the book is to educate everybody, not only the couple, on the significance of communication. We need to study the third party interference in the making of home especially the position of friends, neighbours and domestic staff.”


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