London Olympics: Nigerian female boxer through to quarter-finals



imageEdith Ogoke is the first Nigerian woman to box in the olympics

Ogoke is expected to fight Russian Torlopova Nadezda on Monday (4.15 p.m).


Edith Ogoke, the last Team Nigeria boxer standing is through to the quarter finals after a brave performance sunday evening

Ogoke decisioned her opponent from Azerbaijan, Vy Stropva Elena 14-12 to romp into the quarter-finals where she is expected to fight Russian Torlopova Nadezda on Monday (4.15 p.m).

Tough-talking Edith marched her words with sucker punched that rattled her much taller opponent as she led the first round 4-2.

Trying to keep the Nigerian at bay with her longer reach, the Azerbaijan fighter fought back but could not contain Edith’s hooks that caught her napping severally.

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The Nigerian did not surrender her lead though, her opponent got some punches on target.

With her beautiful moves on the canvas, Edith went on the offensive again but ran into difficulty but jabbed herself out.

The Azerbaijan narrowed the lead in the third round12-11.

The final round brought out the best again from the Nigerian whose left and right combination pushed her into the quarter-final.

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  1. cindy   August 6, 2012 at 9:16 am

    I dont know what to say, I think she is the last one left in the Olympic. Can she give us gold? Nigeria has changed. A dreaded disease to people I terms of sport isnow nothing in the eyes of those that fear it before.


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