Man’s privates swell after sleeping with young girls

A man is lying at a hospital in Busia after his private parts got an abnormal swelling leading to complications in releasing urine. 

man’s private parts swells

The boda boda operator is said to have the habit of seducing young girls and dumping them once he has slept with them.

The middle aged man lies to the girls that he is not married and easily gets a pass from the girls. He is rumored to be married and a father of three children.

Residents said that the man had been having an affair with a young girl in the area and she fell pregnant. The man denied that he sired the baby in the ladies womb causing the girl to seek consultation from a witch doctor.

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The witchdoctor performed some ritual which caused the man’s private parts to swell in an abnormal way; medics say that his private parts are now double the size of a normal one.

Some residents told the media that the woman has demanded Sh. 90,000 from the man to dispel him. He has however failed to raise the money, forcing medics to insert a tube through his abdomen for waste release.

Angry residents said that this was a good lesson for the boda boda operators who are known to impregnate young girls and leaving them.

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