Married, Having An Affair, Hubby Also Having An Affair: What To Do?

I’ve been married to my husband for 4 years and things were all rosy and perfect in the beginning.
As time went by I began to lose interest in him, like I would cringe if he touched me, nevertheless we would make love. I had to do it as those are my wifely duties.

Now this year in February i bumped into this other guy and I’ve been having an affair with him for the past 3months, this is now the 4th month. I don’t think I love this guy but the sex with him is amazing, he really knows how to please me, anyway I have just found out that my husband has also been having an affair with a family friend, someone we both know very well who is a single mother.
I’ve been trying to end things with the other guy so that I can focus on my marriage but I don’t know what to do anymore.

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My husband is really apologetic and he says he love me it was a mistake with the other woman. Should I also tell him what I’ve been up to or should I keep quiet? I am really confused. We have a child by the way, 7 years old.These things happen, I am looking for serious advice please do not insult me.

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