MICHAEL JACKSON ESTATE Sued for $1 BILLION in Bizarre Lawsuit

Michael Jackson
 owes a convicted criminal $1 BILLION for exploiting personal details about her life in his music — this according to a bizarre and, dare we say, bogus lawsuit.

Kimberly Griggs filed the case in San Diego — claiming she and Jackson had an intimate relationship beginning in 1979, which she says he chronicled in his albums “Off the Wall,” “Thriller,” “Bad,” “Dangerous,” and his greatest hits album … “Number Ones.”

Griggs — who spent years in prison for burglary and robbery —  claims she was pissed that Michael exposed her personal secrets in his tunes, so to make things nice he promised to give her the rights to the songs.

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She says she was stunned when MJ died and she was completely left out of his estate.

According to the handwritten lawsuit, Griggs wants $1 billion in damages.

Calls to MJ’s Estate weren’t returned, but we’re guessing their response begins with the letters b and s.

Source – TMZ

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