Motorist Complains Worsening of Lagos-Ibadan Express way

Motorists plying the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway have raised the alarm over the increasing frustration they experienced on a section of the road.

Our correspondent learnt that the section of the road, which is opposite the Mountaintop University, close to the Mountain of Fire Prayer City, has become a nightmare to drivers.

It was learnt that between the Redemption Camp and the bad section of the road, motorists spent up to an hour in a journey that should be less than 10 minutes.

On Tuesday, when our correspondent visited the area, some workers of the Bi-Courtney Highway Services, the expressway’s concessionaire, were seen trying to patch the road with concrete mixed with gravel.

But a motorist, Mr. Ajayi Olusola, expressed fear that patching the road would not assuage the suffering of motorists.

He said, “I am one of those people plying the road on daily basis and I can tell you, we are fed up with what we go through here every time.

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“The patching they are doing on the road would certainly be washed away by heavy rain. So, I cannot say I am really thrilled about it. I just hope something lasting would be done.”

Another motorist said he was unhappy that government was not paying attention to the road.

The man, who identified himself simply as Felix, said, “I have learnt to keep my mouth shut when infrastructure breaks down in this country.

“This is one of the busiest roads in this country and government cannot even maintain the road until it becomes unusable.”

Ajomole Isiaka, a vulcaniser close to the area, said he always had dust to contend with whenever rain did not fall.

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Isiaka said, “I am getting used to the dust. You can see for yourself the amount of dust that passing vehicles kick up into the air.

“The bad road is really frustrating because there is always gridlock here. It will really be good if they find a solution to it urgently.”

An official of Bi-Courtney, who pleaded anonymity, said the bad state of the road was worsened by trailers parking along.

He said the water that consistently flows to the road from a drainage channel beside it also contributed to the road’s degeneration.

However, Bi-Courtney’s spokesman, Mr. Dipo Kehinde, said the rehabilitation of the road had started, while the soil had been stabilised for asphalt laying.

He said another part of the expressway, Erinmurunmu, was undergoing similar rehabilitation.

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He said, “The construction of that road has been stalled because of disturbance by politicians. We have had running issue with the right of way on the expressway.

“For instance, our $6.5m asphalt plant was impounded by the Ogun State Government who locked up the yard under the guise that it needed the place for something else.

“We provided eight temporary parks for trailers on the expressway, but the state government refused to provide land for us to construct a permanent one. That is just to give you an idea of the kind of problem we are facing on the project.”

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