My Husband Stripped Me Naked In The Public – Wife

A 28-year-old woman, Mrs.Rachel Raheem, told an Agege customary court that her husband, Mr. Aliu Raheem, beat  her constantly and  once stripped her naked in the public.

The husband denied the allegations. Rachel, who lives at 84, Egbabo Street Agege, said  her husband  was  fond of bringing home other women and had sex with them in her presence. According to her, confronting him on his behaviour always led  to him beating the hell out of her.

She informed the court that her husband would not  give her more than #500  as  feeding allowance, but would increase the money to #700 whenever he wanted to have sex with her.

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The wife  claimed that  they had lived as husband and wife for 11 years despite the fact that no formal marriage was contracted and no bride price was paid.

“To my surprise, he got married to another lady secretly, and  the lady delivered a baby shortly after l gave birth to my second child”. Rachel alleged that her husband became something else after the second wife moved  in. Once, she claimed,  he descended heavily on her to the extent that she had to deliver  a baby through Caesarian operation. She  informed the court that her husband threw her belongings out of  the matrimonial home, while she was away in Abeokuta to report the marital problems to her mother-in-law.

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The estranged wife said  she regretted  marrying Aliu, because “he was  a very difficult person”. Speaking in the same vein, Chief  Oloyede lsaac, who claimed to be Rachel`s father’s  childhood friend, testified that Aliu was wicked, adding that he always beat the wife.

Oloyede informed the court that he was the one that encouraged Rachel to institute  the divorce case  when he could no longer tolerate the way the husband was  always stripping  his wife  naked in pubic. In his defence,  Aliu  said his wife lacked  care for him and the children.

The husband  added that Rachel always returned  from the market late in the night and that the situation made  it difficult for him and the children to eat. He denied beating the wife, but admitted to slapping  her when they had misunderstanding sometime ago.The court president, Mr. Emmanuel Shokunle, adjourned the case till August 7 for further hearing.

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  1. Judy Burnett   January 18, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    Once again my people, if you no longer get along in any relationship after trying time after time to resolve all possible issues than once that is exhausted and no other solution remains (peaceful ones) than kindly take leave and move on else where


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