My Soon-To-Be Husband Beats me over other women – I Need Advice

my husband beats me

Me and my fiance are supposed to be getting married in 3 months time but I am beginning to give it a second thought.

Recently I noticed his behavior has changed towards me especially when I confront him with an issue dealing with women.

A couple of times I have caught him sending suggestive text messages and emails to his Ex’s and girl friends I don’t even know. When I used to confront him about issues like this, he would laugh it off and brush it over but now he takes offense and beats me over it.

I have threatened to leave the relationship and then he turns around and tells me he loves me and that those girls don’t mean anything.

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I know he likes women but I don’t know if I want to be dealing with that when I’m married.

He’s is a good guy and I dream of having children with him but this problem of women is giving me doubts about him.

 Do I stick with him or break-up the relationship – I Need Help

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