My Wife Is A Sex Addict And I’m Traveling Soon

I’m a Ghanaian man married to a Nigerian woman from the south and in all my years of dating women, I have never come across a woman who loves sex like my wife does.

Initially I was flattered by it thinking she found me irresistible, but I’ve realised it’s not about me. She loves sex so much and can’t go for more than a week without it. One time I traveled to Abuja for business and after being in the city for five days, my wife she flew in just to have sex and left the following day.

Since being married (two years with two kids) we have never really been apart for so long so I have always managed to satisfy her sexual needs.

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The reason I’m writing in now is because I’m traveling to Europe soon for business and I will be away  for two months. If not for the little children, I would have taken my wife with me. If she can’t do without sex for more than a week, how are we going to survive two months apart? I am afraid she will cheat on me. pls i need your advice.

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