With 1.4 million arrivals, according to findmehotels.com, Nigeria is also the leading destination of foreigners in West Africa and is more favoured by usual tourist destinations such as Kenya and Namibia.

According to the available statistics, Kenya is the 10th most visited country in Africa, with 1.39 million visitors. Namibia is the 11th with 980,000 people.

Egypt in North Africa tops the list with 14 million visitors. It is followed by Morocco with 9.29 million. South Africa is third with 8.07 million, while Tunisia is fourth with 6.9 million visitors.

Zimbabwe and Mozamique follow in that order with 2.24million and 2.22 million visitors yearly.

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Algeria with 1.91 million visitors and Botswana with 1.55 million come sixth and seventh.

For a list of least visited countries in West Africa and the rest of Africa, check out www.gafors.com


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