Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke speaks on latest development

A week ago, Nollywood actor Jim Iyke told Nollywoodgossip that the N15m case against him has been thrown out of court for lack of evidence. And just a day after that, Habiba Abubakar’s office fired back that the case was not thrown out for lack of evidence,but instead Jim apologized to Abubakar and signed an agreement to pay the money back in full, but in installments. Abubakar’s office also made available documents backing their claims.

And in the latest development, Jim Iyke who is currently in Brazil for the Rio +20 gathering released a statement to Nollywoodgossip.

Speaking to Delia Innoma (Live Online With Delia), the actor says:

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“When the head of a snake is cut off, it just thrashes around. It was God’s intervention Delia. I’m sure even she don’t know how it ended like this.

“The fact she’s still running around proves it. It was a conspiracy to bury me and take an undeserved equity of my company and I refused and hell broke loose.

“How can it be fraud when I admitted the amount invested? My lawyer advised me to take the deal and walk away when they had nothing else to say. It’s just part of my ventures.

“We settled out of court and I was a gentleman and apologized for the angry words I spoke.

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“When I’m home I’m still gonna further hold a press conference and apologize to my family and true fans that saw me through that abyss. Well this all I can say for now.”

This started as a friendly venture, we pray that the parties involved should come back together as friends again and put an end to this enmity.

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