Ogoni self-govt on course – Diigbo

PORT HARCOURT—FACTIONAL President of Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo, has said Ogoni will not go back on their declaration of autonomy.

Diigbo, in a statement, yesterday, in Port Harcourt, said there was nothing like MOSOP Provisional Ruling Council, noting that he was the authentic spokesman and president of MOSOP, the apex body of Ogoni people.

He said that his August 5 declaration of autonomy for Ogoni should not be treated as a mere internet statement because the Ogoni were already celebrating the action.

He said: “Already, 2,720 elected village council members and 66 district representatives began meetings with local politicians on August 6, after the thanksgiving on August 5, to mark our self-government declaration. There may be distractions, but Ogoni self-government cannot be derailed.

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“Any decision outside of our declared course of action will not be approved by MOSOP and will not be supported by the Ogoni people. If it is absolutely necessary to take further action, that decision will be made after the process announced is completed.

“There is nothing called MOSOP Provisional Council to represent another face of MOSOP. Neither MOSOP nor Ogoni is for sale. Double talk is ruled out and Ogonis cannot be fooled again. Self-government for Ogoni is on course.

“I look back; I remember how much we were ignored in the 90s. Doubts abound on facing ruthless military dictators and the powerful Anglo-Royal Dutch/Shell. But, the gravity for any mistake now will be heavier for Nigeria, if this peaceful process is ignored. Injustice now puts the fate of Nigeria at risk, just as the petroleum industry was brought into question by reckless operations. I realise Nigeria’s elites hardly learn from history.”

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