On whose side is Minister of Youth on NYSC posting?

The recent position of the Minister of Youth Development, Inuwa Abdul-kadir, no doubt typified the kind of leadership exhibited by our so called leaders, who undoubtedly fought and forced themselves on the people who even outrightly rejected them.

There is no gain saying , if one says that, the nation is at the verge of looming in to the state of anarchy, as some security agents charged with the responsibility of protecting the unprotected now allegedly turned to carnivorous beings, feeding fact on their prays.

Insecurity, terrorist group known as Boko Haram were aided by lackadaisical attitude of our leaders, which culminated to poverty that ravaged the entire country is now the order of the day.

It is a pity that solders and other security agents were alleged to have blocked the only escaped route for the mourners at the mass burial in Jos, Plateau State, when the bullets of the blood thirsty terrorist rented the atmosphere, more than 86 people including two lawmakers were killed in the mayhem.

This unrest propelled the recent peaceful protest that trailed the posting of the 2012 batch ‘B’ corps members to volatile states like; Boron, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Yobe and Bauch. “We prefer to die here instead of being killed by Boko Haram in the North” were the words coming out of the prospective National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, Corps Members (CMs) posted to the volatile states.

As management of NYSC battling for the principle of equitable distribution of CMs among the 36 states of the federation and FCT, CMs as well as parents were struggling for the survival of their lives and future.

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But many questions that keep coming to mind are; the rules and regulations of NYSC or the protection of the life of the CMs, which one is paramount?

Earlier, the minister noted that many Nigerians have died in past for the country to remain as a single entity given example of people who died during the civil war.

His words, “to use the NYSC as a scapegoat in trying to exploit the very volatile situation of this country is very unfair and distressful in particular.

“There is apprehension in some places but that is not to say people are not currently living there. Nigeria is not in a war situation, we need to exhibit high sense of patriotism in this nation, drumming war or violence that is not there, it is not going to benefit us as a nation.

On the recent position of the National Assembly on the positing of corps members to some parts of the North, the minister explained that, it was not superior to the position of the Nigeria Constitution on the scheme.

My position is that of the law, because the NYSC is a constitutional issue, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which is supreme, because of the importance of the scheme to the national integration of Nigerians and to bring about harmony amongst Nigeria, the proponent of the 1979 constitution deem it fit to make the NYSC as part of the constitution.

“So if you are going to make any amendments or alter any thing in the NYSC, you have to alter the constitution, in that posting of corps members to states other than their own except in some special circumstances is governed by the law and most be strictly adhered to. So for any resolution or reaction to some outcry or reservation by some corps members are uncalled for.

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Inuwa maintained that the protests that trailed the posting were orchestrated by the saboteurs who had never seen any thing good in the policies of the present administration.

“We have noted with dismay the purported reactions or protest of some so called corps members who converged at the headquarters of the scheme to protest their posting to some state agitating that they should be allowed to be redeployed.

“Government is not unaware of the activities of some Nigerians who are bent on sabotaging whatever the Federal government is doing, using every opportunity that present itself either positive or negative to undermine the activities of the state.

Going by the reaction of the Minister of Youth Development, Inuwa Abdul-kadir, that CMs must be ready to serve in crisis prone-states as a sacrifice for the nation unity, one would wonder what is the position of the leaders at the helm of youth’s affairs in Nigeria?

It is pertinent to ask Inuwa Abdul-Kadir candidly that on whose side is he? Is he supporting the killing and dehumanization of CMs, all in the name of national unity?

At this junction, Nigerians through the social media were forced to enquired, if the minister has signed agreement with the deadly terrorist sect to provide them more prays by posting innocent CMs to volatile and unfamiliar terrains where even the original occupants are living with their hearts in their mouths, probably sleeping with one eye open.

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“I am sure the minister has a member of his family whether immediate or not that is serving; he should be whiling to post such a person to the states. What is happening is not civil war but genocide, and to sacrifice for your country you don’t have to commit suicide.

“Come to think of it, how many of those who graduated as indigenes of these northern states are being posted to the states. We are tired of being sacrificial lambs for one Nigeria, when we all know that Nigeria is not one”. Adubina Akinwale said.

“This shows the level of non-challant attitude of our so called leaders, for a long time corps members have been murdered in cold blood in the north in the name of serving their nation and that issue has never been addressed, just because it’s not their kids and relations does not mean they don’t have loved ones, who miss them and have left a painful vacuum in their hearts.

“Let their own children go and sacrifice their own lives in the rebellious northern states for the love of their country. Nonsense!” Another concluded.


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