P Square’s Sex Experience Revealed

Not many people would come out to reveal their s*x experience but for this sensational singing duo, it’s a different case indeed as they recently revealed their early involvement with s*x.

They claimed to first know what s*x was at 14 and 15-years respectively. As for Peter, “I had my first experience in 1993 at the age of 14. At first, I felt terrible that I let a woman seduce me. Later, I realised that it didn’t matter and I enjoyed it.”

Paul had this to say, “for me, it was 1994 and I was 15 at the time. The first time was kind of strange. I thought the poor girl would get pregnant immediately and I’d become a father.

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“As the thought of what we had done raced through my head, I became afraid, but felt better when I realised I had used a condom.”

www.nigeriafilms.com is not advising children and young ones who look up to them to emulate this act of their early involvement with s*x.

That they are about the richest artistes in the country today is no news as they boast of owning the best properties amongst their peers and recently it was rumoured that they have bought a private jet.

This duo, Peter and Paul have been consistent since breaking into the Nigerian music scene and have won several awards to back up their claim as number one

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