Peaceful co-existence the only solution to Nigeria crisis, says Pope Francis

pope 278x209 - Peaceful co-existence the only solution to Nigeria crisis, says Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Catholic Pontiff Pope Francis yesterday identified peaceful co-existence as the only solution to the crisis in some parts of Nigeria.

The Pope stated this in his message at the celebration of the World Day of Peace which is an annual event of Catholic faithful worldwide.

The message was read by the Archbishop, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Most Rev Adewale Martins, at the Holy Cross Catholic Church, Lagos.

“It is easy to realise that fraternity is the foundation and pathway of peace

“When we have the value of fraternity, a feeling of brotherhood, love and care for one another, many of our problems would not be there.

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“Our fraternity is based on the fact that we are all made on the likeness and image of God.

“Our brotherhood is not based on any factor other than we are all children of one God.

“What is to be done is to get back to the roots to identify ourselves and recognise and deal with ourselves as brothers and sisters that we are.

“It will go a long way to bring peace back into the world,” he said.

He attributed the situation to the inability of genuine relationships among the people and lack of solid family and community relationships.

“We are concerned by the various types of hardship, marginalisation, isolation and various forms of pathological dependencies which are currently on increase.

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“This kind of problems can be overcome only through the rediscovery and valuing of fraternal relationships in the heart of families and communities.

“Also in the sharing of joys and sorrows of the hardships and triumphs that are a part of human life,” he said.

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